Journal Club 12/7/14

Journal club


This is really what happens.  Google an article that is remotely related and design a clinical question to justify discussing it.

ADLs 11/14/14



All things I am unable to do.

Pen gnomes 11/3/14

pen gnomes


I often wonder what happens to my pens in the hospital

Stethoscopes 10/31/14


I always imagine this happening to me when I am examining a patient at the same time as someone else.


warfarin 10/29/14


If you have ever dosed warfarin this is what it feels like sometimes.


Isolation 10/22/14

Isolation gown

Isolation gowns are never attractive.


Cloud 10/21/14


I have often wondered what a group of doctors would be called.  Cloud seemed to work best since we hover over the patient.

Welcome 10/15/14

End of World copy

This is where I am going to post my thoughts on comic strips.  This is one I drew in honor of my Nurse who is off on Thursdays and it is just not the same without her.